School Staff

Full-day Kindergarten Team
Stella Panetta (Teacher)
Diane Finlay (Teacher)
Julia DiRienzo (Teacher)
Cristina Hall Deek (Early Childhood Educator)  
Darlene Lavoie (Early Childhood Educator)

Primary Division
Grade 1: Maria Muto
Grade 1/2: Michael Birch
Grade 2: Suzan O'Connor
Grade 3: Julie Godard

Primary Division French teacher
Genevieve Mercure

Junior Division
Grade 3/4: Marina Staltari
Grade 4 Immersion: Carla Cardoso
Grade 4 Extended:  Shannon Gasparotto
Grade 5 Blend: Carolyn Thomson 
Grade 6 Blend: Amanda Kitchen 
Grade 5/6 Extended: Amanda Kitchen
Grade 5/6 Immersion: Melissa Caravaggio   
Grade 5 Learning Strategies: Laurie Azzi

Prep & Planning Teacher
Marion Pora

Resource Staff: Judy Cogan

Educational Assistants: Fiorina Borrello, Meghan Mullan, Tyler Shand 

Library Tech:  Kara Macale

ESL Teacher: Noelle McCabe

Custodian: Michael McAuley, Scott Connell

Office Administrator: Jill Hnatyshyn

Principal:  Tania Gonsalves 

About Our School

Welcome to the Holy Family School Community. Our school is a Junior Kindergarten – to Grade 6 school with a population of 220 students and is located in the Hunt Club area in Ottawa, Ontario.  The Holy Family staff, parents and Holy Cross parish team are committed to providing your children with the best opportunities for spiritual, social growth and academic excellence. With your support and assistance we can achieve our goal. 

We welcome the new families in our community. We encourage you to become involved in the school as interested parents, as parent volunteers and as active supporters of the Holy Family School Council. This web page is only one of the many ways we communicate with our partners in education. To further promote open communication, our school newsletter is located on the school website along with a calendar of events, and announcements. 

We look forward to working with you to enhance your child (ren)’s educational experiences! 

Activities, Clubs and Teams

  • Soccer
  • Cross Country running
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Track and Field
  • Tchoukball
  • Gardening Club
  • Choir
  • Green Team Club
  • Terry Fox run
  • Social Justice Club
  • Craft Club
  • Peer Mediators
  • Jump Rope for Heart
  • Shepherds of Good Hope
  • Talent Show