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Lent Outreach Project

posted Feb 15, 2018, 10:16 AM by Tania Gonsalves

This year Holy Family outreach charity for Lent is ‘Change for change’.

Throughout the Lenten season, students and staff are encouraged to collect and save their loose coins and donate them to “Change for Change”.

The collected money, ALL OF IT, is used to help CHANGE the educational lives of school age children - a concept to which each stakeholder can readily identify.  Some items that our collections will purchase will include school supplies, books and nutritious lunches for students in Guatemala.

Every child received a hand crafted bracelet made by the Guatemala community as a thank you in advance for opening their hearts to this charity.

Perhaps your child can do some chores around the house to make some extra change that they can then give in the spirit of almsgiving during Lent