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Lenten Outreach Charity

posted Mar 4, 2019, 11:51 AM by Tania Gonsalves

As part of our school Lenten activities, we are raising the awareness of the struggles that others around us endure as well as sharing with those less fortunate than us.  This year, Holy Family School is supporting the Change for change campaign. Throughout the Lenten season, students and staff will be reminded that small change can lead to big changes.  Students and staff are encouraged to collect and save their loose coins and donate them to “Change for Change”.

Student’s had a presentation on February 20 by representatives of Change for Change.  Each student received a bracelet made by the Guatemalan Community. We hope students wear their bracelets and that it will be a reminder of this Lenten season and the outreach charity their donations will support.

The collected money, ALL OF IT, is used to help CHANGE the educational lives of school age children - a concept to which each stakeholder can readily identify.  Some items include school supplies, books and nutritious lunches.

When talking about this with your child, please take the time to underscore the importance of giving to those in need during the Holy season of Lent.