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Important Info- Transportation for Gr. 6 moving to Gr. 7-No yellow buses

posted May 2, 2018, 7:01 AM by Tania Gonsalves

New Transportation Information for SPH

If your son/daughter is going to be going to St. Pat's High School in the fall and is going to be bussed, please be aware that they will be receiving Presto cards as they will travel on OC Transpo (even for grades 7/8), NOT yellow school buses. Also, please be aware that receiving transportation currently at St. Pat's Intermediate does not guarantee that you will receive transportation to St. Pat's High School (because you may live close enough to St. Pat's High School). To see if you will receive a Presto card and transportation, please study the following map (if you live within the boundaries outlined you will NOT receive transportation):